Ray - Remote Consultation

Liz, A quick note to say thank you for your guidance and advice. Your synopsis was spot on - just 1 month after moving into the new pod I have received a promotion, and pay rise. I maintain the support of my co-workers, and health has been good also.

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Jessi - Remote Residential Consultation

Dear Liz,

I just wanted to say a great, massive "Thank You" for your report :)

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Bob - Remote Residential Consultation

Hi Liz,

I hope you are well. I am just getting back to you to let you know how things are going now and how Marie is. Firstly with Marie's Breast Cancer, she had 2 operations and has now got the all clear from the specialst and is now cancer free from the Pathology results which is fantastic news.

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Adele - Residential Consultation

Dear Liz,

Thank you again for your remote consultation, I implemented all of your recommendations. I don't know how feng shui works - I just know that it does!Since making the changes, I am in a secure, loving relationship, my neighbour/former friend no longer plays out conflict dramas with me - in fact I haven't even run into her since making the changes! I also feel happier generally. I am the happiest that I have been in many years!

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Nerida - Residential and Business Consultation

Elizabeth was instrumental in setting up my home and office environments with Feng Shui principles, and I have no dount that this has attributed to the success of my business and the wonderful energy in my home. Several of my friends have also used Elizabeth and rave about her and the work she does. Thanks for all your great work Liz.

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Jade - Remote Consultation USA

Hi Liz!

Hope all is well with you.  I just wanted to let you know... I got a job!  Funnily enough though, it wasn't the job I emailed you about but one that is more senior - and more money - than the one I applied for with the Dream Job company. This job is Head of Development and it's a new independent production company, but with some capital behind them so they actually have the capacity to make films which is rare in this market.  Because it's a new company I have no idea what to expect, but it will be a challenge and exciting to help build it.  It also means I can apply for my Visa and settle down and call LA home for the next few years...

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Monique - Residential Consultation

Liz Wiggins knowledge of Feng Shui is very thorough and we not only got the benefit of her experience in this field but also the continuous ongoing support with queries. She has been very prompt in her responses and always been supportive. We have experienced several benefits since we implemented her recommendations in Feng Shui. Thanks Liz.

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Mystic Medusa - Residential and Business Consultation

I love Liz Wiggins. As an astrologer, author, blogger and newspaper/magazine columnist, I have been involved in new age/metaphysical circles for over a decade and Elizabeth has the most sensational reputation for one reason: She is fantastic, she really is an awesome Feng Shui practioner. She’s fantastic to deal with, extremely inspirational, professional and quick on the uptake. More to the point, since she “did” my house, it and its inhabitants are astronomically more happy & tranquil. Love & money prospects are trending up. The décor suggestions were gorgeous and seem to ‘fit’ the house. Feng Shui Living is a brilliant investment & if you consult with Liz you’ll quickly see why so many sophisticates & celebs just adore Feng Shui...Remember, it’s acupuncture in space.

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Susan - Business Consultation

We had a bumper year in the business last year, and things are going even stronger this year, so VERY pleased about that. Also thrilled to report that our health has been terrific

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