Small Business Consultations

All of the consultations will incorporate ALL schools of Feng Shui including Form, Compass, and the most complex & accurate feng shui; Flying Star School.

A deposit of $100 is required to confirm your booking and can be made by visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Direct Deposit or Cheque. Please click on the link and this will take you to our secure online shop.

For any type of consultation you will require floor plans drawn to scale, the year the home was constructed, birth details of all occupants and a completed questionnaire (will be supplied once deposit is paid).

We highly recommend you visit our testimonal page so you can get an indication of my clients experiences.

Remote Small Business Consultation  - from $440

I have found that there are many people who just can’t afford a full Feng Shui consultation with a reputable and experienced consultant yet really need help in harmonising the challenging energies in their small business to help support wealth, health and relationships; So I have come up with an offsite consultation that is affordable to most people and contains so much information which is specifically tailored and relevant to your own business premises. Read More

Onsite Small Business Consultation - from $488

This is our most popular on site consultation as it includes an on site visit in addition to a very comprehensive report for all areas of your business. It includes a full written report which includes comprehensive information on every single room in your business. Read More

Annual Update Consultation – from $268

The annual date is for all of my clients who have had consultations previously to ensure their business supports them for the year ahead. It is recommended to be completed prior to the 4thFebruary each year as it gives insights into the year ahead. In addition to updating the Feng Shui of the property the Chinese astrology is also updated. Read More