Residential Consultations

Clients usually engage a Feng Shui consultant to improve different aspects of their life in areas such as business, wealth, career, health, relationships and academic achievement. We can arrange our immediate environment so that we receive maximum support. Feng Shui Living is committed to helping you analyse the issues present in your building using the principles of Feng Shui and offer solutions for improvement. As eng Shui experts, we prefer to minimise the use of Chinese adornments where possible and instead provide recommendations in a subtle manner through fine-tuning and harnessing the energies that you and your property are receiving through the use of colour and furniture placement. We are Feng Shui Consultants who has undertaken hundreds of hours of specialised training in traditional Feng Shui methods of Form School, Flying Star School and Chinese Astrology/Four Pillars of Destiny over many years. In essence, we are able to provide recommendations that will maximise the energy of the home for the occupants so that there is improvement in the health, wealth and relationship areas of their lives.

To be able to provide any analysis it is crucial that we have an accurate floorplan drawn to scale showing all the rooms, doors and windows and know the construction date of the building within a 20 year period (eg 1944-1964, 1964 – 1984 etc). Additionally if there have been any renovations or extensions involving the removal or addition of the roof we would need to know when these occurred. The birthdates of occupants is also required. We have ways to help find this information if you do not have it readily available so just let me know if you need assistance.

We highly recommend you visit our client testimonial page so you can get an indication of our clients experiences.

Market Appraisal - Free

Liz is a licenced real estate agent and auctioneer and specialises in Northern and North West Sydney however is more than happy to list properties in all areas. Working for McGrath ensures Liz offers her vendors the same quality and experience that she does with her Feng Shui clients. If you want the highest possible price for your home than you have come to the right place. Liz provides you with up to date information on recent sales of comparable properties in your area including detailed analysis of local information and data that contribute to you receiving the highest possible sale price. The bonus is that Liz has a holistic approach to selling your home, so if you list with her you will also receive a pre-sale Feng Shui consultation absolutely free, which helps to create an environment that supports the sale of your home, rather than working against it.  Read More

Pre-Sale Consultation - Free if listed with me

Would you like to create an environment that supports the sale of your home? If so Feng Shui could be the missing link to a successful sale. The majority of people have already decided if they want to buy your home seconds after they walk through the door so first impressions definitely count. This consultation will focus on making your home “feel right” energetically. We are not talking about major renovations but rather subtle yet very effective solutions to help facilitate a successful sale. Read More

Fire Placement Consultation - from $188

This type of consultation is crucial especially if building or renovating. Proper placement of fire in the home ensures prosperity, abundance and well being for all the occupants. No onsite visit is required, just an accurate floor plan drawn to scale and the date of birth of all occupants  Read More

Remote Residential Consultation - from $440

With the Global financial crisis we have found that there are many people who just can't afford an on-site consultation with a reputable and experienced consultant yet really need help in harmonising the challenging energies in their home and enhancing the positive ones to create an environment that supports wealth, health and relationships. We have therefore come up with a consultation that is affordable to most people and specifically tailored and relevant to your own home. Read More

Onsite Residential Consultation - from $990

This popular on site consultation includes an on site visit from Liz in addition to a very comprehensive report for all areas of your home and garden. It includes comprehensive information on every single room in your home. Read More

Annual Update - from $149

The annual date is for all of our clients who have had consultations previously to ensure their home supports them for the year ahead. It is recommended to be completed prior to the 4th February each year as it gives insights into the year ahead. In addition to updating the Feng Shui of the property the occupants Chinese astrology is also updated. Read More